Best Paintball Mask

Paintball gaming is a perfect boredom killer on weekends and vacations. All it needs is a few buddies, a fitting mask, and a gun, and you are good to go. Planning to buy a new mask this Summer? We have got your back on this.
For beginners, exploring paintball masks that work best with compatible features and low-cost ergonomics is like getting blood out of a stone without professional assistance. You’ll probably be deceived by nasty marketing campaigns and end up buying somewhat cheaper yet useless paintball goggles.
A high-quality mask needs a bit of research and investment for lasting performance. There are a few contemporary features associated only with the standard paintball masks. Look out for the following features before buying a dream paintball mask for the upcoming season. That includes:

  • Low-profile design
  • Multi-layered peripheral lens structure
  • Lock-enabled back and chin strap support
  • A plush interior that fits all facial contours with ease and precision
    Breathable interior
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch lens coating
    Sturdy and impact-resistant exoskeleton
  • Airy and roomy helmet interior
    Detachable and customizable part 

Make sure to check all the benchmark features mentioned above before buying your best paintball mask. The finest mask must include all the above traits for exceptional performance in the long run.

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

Dye i5 paintball goggle is made with superior dynamics and sturdy construction to make your paintball games more fun and less risky. The design is made highly ergonomic and perfectly apt for long-lasting fun, adding more hours to the gameplay.
The goggles are made to cater to professional needs with its GSR pro strap and multi-layer foam for ultimate comfort and lasting strength, making it one of the best professional paintball masks around.

Dye i5 paintball strap delivers maximum comfort with its shock absorbent GSR. The strap is meticulously designed to perfection for the wearer’s safety. It flawlessly absorbs reactive force on the goggle with its patent-pending ratchet strap system. GSR creates a perfect balance and relaxation inside the head for ultimate performance.

To maximize viewing angle, the goggle mask includes a Tirodial Horizon anti-fog perspective up to 290 degrees when worn. Tirodial technology amplifies viewing perspective with perfect angling at both horizontal and vertical peripheral visions with immense clarity and absolute precision. Horizon 290 offers the widest viewing angle of all the contemporary lenses to date.
The tinted goggle glass provides an excellent vision to long distances without obstructing the field of view in tactical situations. The Dyetanium-made lens also offers UV protection with its premium hard-coat dip, made exclusively for i4 and i5 paintball goggle kits.

To protect your eyes from unseen dangers and direct light, UV protection coating is assisted with a sturdy and optically correct design, providing excellent clarity in all lighting conditions.
Dye i5 supports pro-grade POV mounting system to fix action cameras in a snap so that you never miss a fleeting game moment for later. With the camera mount, the POV delivers the exact viewing angle parallel to the player’s eyesight for action-packed sight in real-time. The POV camera mount allows a slight swivel to adjust the viewing frame for a customized viewing angle.

The weight adjustment parameters offer effortless mounting and breathability for longer hours. The design is lightweight and super-intuitive for long-term usage. Play with ease and perfection without having to readjust or get it off every time the mask slips off. The lightweight design helps greatly in giving you an extra mile whenever you jump into the game with an i5 paintball goggle mask.
From the inside, i5 is lax and adjustable enough to fit with any face type. The internal foam reshapes briskly with the wearer’s face symmetry. The internal fit is perfected for all facial contours with soft and spongy distribution and pinch-free design.

Another pioneering feature inside i5 goggles is their low-profile rapid lens change system. It allows changing between lenses practically in seconds. The easy switching saves precious seconds in action mode, invariably providing the upper hand to i5 users by simply plucking off the retention clips in a flurry.

For in-game communication, the mask features a simple tweak that protects ears and acts as a critical communication gateway to players for clear-cut sound catching. The i5 ear protection is lightweight, soft, and carefully engineered with a compression-formed earpiece for full coverage in hearing and ear protection.
The communication systems are optimized with cutting-edge e.Voke technology allowing your i5 to instantly link with M2 for audio alerts of all the game events occurring in real-time. E.Voke lets you stay ahead of competitors at all times with its intuitive technology and sophistication.

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Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

E-Flex paintball goggles are updated with a plethora of new features and maximum resilience for hardcore and prolonged gaming sessions. Keeping in view the rugged applications, the all-new E-Flex version comprises a completely novel viewing periphery and a better-equipped shock absorbing technology to add more hours to your gaming.

Continuing the legacy of its best-selling ProFlex predecessors, the comfort and breathability are perfectly in balance for increased player productivity and well-being. The front glass lens is made even smoother and more lasting than all the previous versions combined. The thermal design clears out any fog that may accumulate on the lens surface. The anti-fog design offers a great fit for all-encompassing situations with zero optical distortion at all levels.
The front lens is easier to replace and bears a lesser direct impact in competitive gaming conditions with its hard-dip coatings. The Vents system allows rapid lens exchange. Overall, the mask is designed beautifully from the inside out. The internal foam creates a breathable feel and fits with its adjustable memory foam. The internal foam is designed to fit all the face contours after wearing them.

The earpiece serves as a communication medium and a protective gear. Empire E-Flex masks have special Thermo foam earpieces to protect ear damage. The earpieces are comfortable and lightweight, adding no weight to the overall mask design. Also, the earpieces bend airwaves, hence creating an additional stratum between your ears and surroundings.
To keep the goggles tightly intact during gameplay, the E-Flex design includes a bonding Empire strap with a silicone bead. The bead is meant to keep everything in balance when the mask is impacted by a powerful blow from the outside. The strap is powerful and sophisticated enough for hard-wearing battles on the ground and later. The immense shock absorption and comfort make it a great upgrade for paintball players.

Awe-inspire your friends and foes with the meticulously designed E-Flex paintball goggles featuring the best elements to date. The scientifically modeled strap, tack-sharp clarity, and sturdiness from inside out make it a great pick for your next paintball bout. The goggles also include a complimentary microfiber protective bag for effortless commutation.
The front lens clearance is kept maximum inside the viewing dual-pane so that the player can see all the action happening to the front and sides. The maximum viewing angle is provided with a fish-eye glass structure and adequate tinting for players to get the best perspective in action. The bottom pane of the E-Flex mask can be generously customized with unlimited options at your expense. The pane also permits voice projection for flawless in-game communication and breathability.

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Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks with Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fog Lenses

The chromatic feel and sturdy dynamics make Virtue VIO among the most sought-after paintball masks worldwide. The goggles are lightweight in design, thanks to the comforting foam inside with a rugged thermal assembly elsewhere.
Virtual VIO goggles can also be customized with a variety of features and design options whenever required. Also, the front thermal lens is made 100% UV protected for player safety and easy lens swapping.

VIO is not just another mask. Dig deeper and it offers a variety of great features than anticipated. With a minimal asking price, Virtue delivers the promised quality with its improved vision lens. The extended viewing angle is achieved with a dual-pane setting and a meticulously tinted stealth visor to deliver top-notch performance every time.
Moreover, the anti-fog thermal lens blocks the breath from accumulating inside the visor with its dual-pane setting. Play for hours without having to resettle for a breather in action. The dual-pane allows better ventilation and satisfaction without having to compromise on quality.

The back of head goggle strap in a paintball mask can never be ignored when buying one. A nice and tight one often lasts longer and delivers the best experience. Virtue VIO features an integrated back head strap with a cushy feel and tightly knitted elastic winding.
Besides, the strap is easily replaceable. The strap is powerfully integrated inside the goggle setting to supports earpieces and customizable gear with ease. Upgrade your paintball mask strap whenever needed by simply plucking off the older one.

Virtue VIO includes an adequate number of ventilators to support players’ breathability in the arena. The vents are made to sway away fog accumulation on the goggle lenses, making it easier to breathe and communicate and increasing the player’s performance with fresh air crossing through the mask.

For added comfort, the internal foam is made soft enough to fit any face contour in a snap. The adjustable foam is so congested and silky that it quickly adjusts with the facial combinations with its 3D foam molded pro pads. Moreover, the 3D foam technology prevents itching and serves as an additional protective layer from external impacts.

VIO is laden with a plethora of color mixtures and tints to tantalize your paintball experiences. For visor fans, there are more than 16 combinations to choose from. Get the team matching color combo or try the one that comforts the most when traveling. For straps, there are 32 different hues available for selection alongside 18 beautiful lens shades.
The lens shades are blended perfectly to provide a tactical cover to players inside the game. The stealthy contrasts make it harder for an enemy player to identify the mask, making it a great tool to easily deceive and attack the target in an offensive.

For the best performance, VIO lenses are 100% UV protected. This additional protective layer prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating skin cells via a mask. The thermal lens would be 100% secure from radiative accumulation inside.
All the materials inside Virtue VIO goggles are free from carcinogens, thanks to its ultra-durable protective coatings and quick-change compatibility.

The customization includes straps, lens shades, and cooling fans. Select a preferred color combination, add, or remove an element to the front as per gaming requirement, or add a go-pro to capture all the action happening in real-time with a personalized build. The stealth fan can also be upgraded or customized with ease in a snap alongside ear pads.

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JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles

JT Spectra Flex 8 is lightweight, affordable, and highly ergonomic for paintball contests. The exoskeleton masks with a detachable visor and soft inner layering make it a great option to opt for in paintball gaming. The goggles, detachable components, and airy design maintain the cool in intense bouts alongside the tactical camo coating, hence increasing the productivity and tactical advantage of JT wearers.
The goggles are perfectly optimized for enhanced agility, thanks to its 1.9lbs exoskeleton and compact design that fits all the face contours impeccably. JT Spectra Flex 8 is equipped with the latest technology and a fully customizable design to make your paintball gaming less hassle and more fun.

The frontal venting and goggles are designed to provide full-face coverage with an exoskeletal structure. The thermal goggles are anti-reflective on sunny days with a special anti-fog coating to neutralize the external and internal mists and stains.
The frontal frame is sturdy and highly sophisticated to endure tough external conditions. The cranial exoskeleton is sealed completely to cast off stray splashes coming from the front and sides. The vent pane can easily be detached from the goggles for cleaning or customization.

Supported with an unbeatable exoskeleton, the visor is as sturdy as the helmet itself. JT Spectra features a completely detachable visor when not in use to increase its productivity and shelf life. The visor frame includes several openings for enhanced breathability and completes customization whenever required.
For added comfort, the JT helmet supports fan customization and go-pro integration for the ultimate gaming experience with lights, a camera, and action. The visor is designed to block peripheral splashes from entering the goggles. It also helps to vent out condensation from the mouth to the goggle lens.

JT masks are easier to maintain and customize, thanks to their fully optional accessories allowing players to add or replace parts effortlessly. The detachable accessories make up for the mask’s longer life and beautification alongside providing an additional protective coating for you to play safe and smart at any contest.
The supported Flex 8 accessories are easily available, not requiring intricate skills to get done with them. Install a Vortex II fan to cool down the intensity inside the mask or gear up for sophisticated frames and strap installation without needing an expert hand.

The frame is soft and adjustable from the inside. A 3D foam interior is a panacea for all the itching and discomfort experienced by marathon paintball gamers. Also, the interior is decorated to fit any face contour in seconds. The plush foam adjusts itself to all genders and age groups without discomforting the wearers.
The fit-for-all interior takes JT paintball goggles a step further in comfort and positive output. Upgrade your gaming with a perfectly matching mask that promises comfort from the inside and sturdiness from external impacts simultaneously. A one size fits all technology makes it a timeless purchase. Reuse or gift it to anyone without them complaining about the size and performance.

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G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles, Black

G.I. Sports grill goggles are known for their precious structure and immaculately designed hardware. The grill mask is sturdy and highly ergonomic for hardcore usage. Make it your permanent companion in paintball games with no chance of crippling down or disintegration. The awesome looks with a soft interior and accommodating design makes G.I. Sportz masks the most demanding goggles in the paintball gaming arenas.

The lens shape is made spherical to cover a wide focal length, hence improving the player’s vision. This lens makes it easier for paintball players to identify the targets abruptly and more swiftly than their opponents. The game’s all yours to be won with G.I. Sportz grill goggles.
Moreover, the front lens is carefully manufactured to give maximum protection and productivity. A special coating reflects direct sunlight from goggle lenses to create distraction-free gaming conditions for players to win it comprehensively. The 3D lens also safeguards from fog and smoke and makes everything stay clear throughout the hostile situations for player’s safety and better vision.

G.I. Sportz offers an impeccable quick vent technology that was previously used for high-risk industry workers. The vents are everywhere in the goggles to cool down the internal pressures and temperatures to normal in prolonged gaming sessions. Vents keep it airy and breathable inside a protective mask without hindering the player’s gaming strength in marathon gaming contests.
A three-dimensional vent system makes G.I. Sportz lightweight and portable. They are designed to protect from fog accumulation inside the helmet with specially molded vent openings. The front and side holes never allow paintball splashes to enter the helmet, making it user-friendly protection for you.

From the goggle peripheries to internal foam, everything makes G.I. Sportz a great choice for amateurs as well as professional paintball gamers. The components are customizable with a quick-change capacity that saves both time and money. There’s a silicone head strap for cohesion while gaming and a comfy chin strap for mask support so that you never get distracted with the baggy grips in a full-on contest.
To enhance performance further, G.I. Sportz offers an ultra-low-profile structure which makes it harder for opponents to shoot in the head. The dual-pane lens eliminates the two-way hassle by protecting against sun and rain, come what may

On the inside, a protective foam layer adds another security layer while making the user comfy and productive throughout the match. The special foam coating is adjustable to any head size and makes goggles less annoying in summers with a breathable design. The foam traps fresh air and distributes it throughout the endoskeleton for ultimate coolness all the time.
G.I. goggles support a novel foam-swap system enabling users to easily replace the sweaty foam with a dry, more comfortable one. The quick-change click-dry foam system takes seconds to finish. With a quick-change foam swap, there’s no need to replace the entire helmet. Head and chin straps can also be replaced spotlessly in seconds with a Quick Change design.

Another tactical advantage offered inside the goggle design is its all-new Full-Flex ProGrill technology. The Grill mask includes a rubber-made center face area that bounces off the incoming paintballs and impacts without making it harder on the players. The rubber deflects inbound impacts with an equal yet opposite reactionary force while keeping the player unconcerned about what’s happening outside.

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Empire EVS Paintball Mask / Thermal Goggles

The sturdy build, ergonomic design, and spotless goggle surface make Empire EVS a great paintball mask for prolonged gaming sessions and high-intensity contests. Everything fits perfectly to the player’s profile, be it any age group or face symmetry. EVS masks are pretty impressive in design as well as quality. There’s no going back after you’ve tried an EVS paintball gear once.
The longevity and sleekness are ameliorated with sumptuous and customizable gear. Take out anything to replace it for a newer version in seconds. Also, the lower skirt is made conveniently flexible to bounce the balls for a lesser impact on internal foam.

A multi-layer head foam minimizes impacts to naught. The interior is breathable and spacious to accommodate various face symmetries in seconds. With added vents, the porous foam conveniently passes air in and out of the helmet. This improves player communication alongside adding a few more hours to your gaming sessions.

The lens design is spectacular in all modes. A 270-degree viewing angle alleviates your game to maximum productivity in daylight and dark conditions. The lens is designed to provide a distortion-free viewing perspective, providing a competitive edge to Empire EVS users over others.
The lens features a special UV protective coating and a glare-free tint to make things prettier and protective from inside the mask. From inside, the EVS goggles vent out internal fog so that it never obstructs player’s vision in fervid gaming modes. The mask lens is anti-reflective and completely scratch-resistant for durability.

Commonplace paintball masks heed a little on minute details to cut overall manufacturing costs. EVS cares more about the players than the costs incurred. The detailed earpiece design vouch for Empire’s comprehensive protective design. It features a secure thermo-foamed earpiece that supports active listening while retaining comfort and compatibility.

The original version comes with a dual-shade design. however, there are multiple color options to choose from when buying the goggles. The paintball goggles support a variety of hues and shade selections to fit the gadget. Simply log in to the official store or Amazon and find a plethora of goggle shades for the best gaming experience.

Empire EVS features diverse venting options and soft, adjustable interior foam for maximum breathability in summers. The porous foam makes it easier to ventilate the mask without needing an external fan. Also, the 3D quick vent keeps the overall temperature nominal and airy inside the mask. The flexible exterior provides protection alongside its tremendous heat dissipation system.

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VForce Profiler Terrain Paintball Mask/Thermal Goggles

VForce is an ergonomic and lightweight solution for your toughest paintball bouts. The mask delivers optimum performance with ultimate durability for years to come. The goggles are designed to deliver maximum viewing frame alongside the QuickChange™ interchangeable design for ultra-fast vision and productivity.
Be it sun or rain, the toughness never gives up on quality and protection. The lightweight design provides agility and performance without spending a hefty sum. Everything from foams to the visor and goggles is perfectly aligned to impart enhanced performance no other lens could deliver with similar features.

The most important aspect of a paintball gaming lens is its viewing field and unobstructed visual performance. VForce has improved a great deal in both with its anti-fog anti-scratch goggle design. The lens features a thick chemical coating that prevents fog accumulation inside and outside the mask.
Also, the special venting system prevents external smoke from entering the mask with its specially designed window holes. Make your gaming advanced and distraction-free with ThermoCure anti-fog device and get the best out of your upgrade with VForce.

VForce is a tested companion for your intense paintball and softball battles with its reliable performance. A detachable pro-visor can easily be mounted for headshot protection and rain. When needed, install pro-visor in seconds for an added security layer and play risk-free all the time.

The front lens offers a whopping 280-degree viewing scope. The peripheral vision technology broadens vision that provides a tactical advantage to players with more to view within the mask. Also, the compact design makes it harder for a headshot. HardTarget™ design upskills your gaming talents to the maximum with lesser chances of getting a shot on the head and face. The low-profile build improves performance and speed while retaining the critical features in a solid mask structure.
VForce accepts contemporary lens types with full compatibility and easy installation methods. Mount HDR lenses for advanced viewing within the lens or get yourself a novel pro-visor for go-pro video recording without any compatibility issues at all.

Want to add a newer lens, or planning to replace the backstraps? VForce goggles offer a great variety of accessories to customize and replace comfortably in seconds. QuickChange™ system allows swift replacements in a timeout. Simply click the goggle locks and add a fresh accessory in place of the existing one in a matter of moments.
Replace a silicone strap or customize the goggle lens instantly with the QuickChange™ system. If there’s rain or hot summer sun outside, get your pro-visor, bend slightly and lock inside the mask in a second and without needing any help from your partners.

In hardcore paintball games, what matters the most is lasting comfort and impact protection. VForce DualDensity foam offers both protection and comfort with its soft and breathable design. The foam is softer in feel and adjustable to any face symmetry. DualFoam comprises manyfold porous layers to bounce back and neutralize the incoming paintball impacts alongside providing utmost suppleness to the wearers with its eloquent feel. The foam dries fast and can be reused or replaced inside the match.

The exterior comprises a tough construction to prevent paintball impacts and to provide long-lasting protection against all the odds. The silicone straps keep everything intact in action modes. The anti-scratch goggles offer undisturbed peripheral angles. And the pro-visor delivers complete protection from balls, water, and harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

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JT Premise Paintball Goggle Single Pane & Clear Lens, Camo, One Size

JT Premise is affordable, lightweight, and compact in size, making it easier for paintball players to maneuver and combat with greater speed and responsiveness. Everything from lens to backstrap and front pane is meticulously designed to perfection keeping in view the minimal congestion and unit cost. A low-profile design creates a cover for headshots, the interchangeable strap maximizes agility, and the front lens delivers the best peripheral vision in all lighting modes.

JT Premise adds a few more degrees to your helmet vision with its specially molded thermal lens. the build perfectly meets the purpose with a broad 260-degree viewing scope without integrated gadgets. Also, the lens is coated with an anti-fog anti-scratch combination for impeccable results.
The lens can easily be removed and replaced whenever needed. Easily replace the goggles in timeouts with pro-change lens replacement mounts. Also, the lens dimensions are carefully designed to fit most of the JT masks without compatibility issues and vise versa. JT Premise accepts all JT Spectra lenses.

JT Premise goggles are ridiculously affordable. All the features inside with a 5x lesser price than an equally capable mask are nothing more than the best deal to offer by JT. The interior is plush and moldable for anyone to get inside it. The exterior is designed robust and compact to endure stark circumstances with resilience and cohesion. If you are looking for a high-end goggle for paintball gaming with an affordable price tag, JT Premise is for you.

The front-side vent openings are perfectly engineered for maximum breathability. Alongside the front single-pane, the earpieces carry out the residual air for vision enhancement and fog prevention inside the mask. Breathe in and out comfortably with the front pane for extended periods, thanks to JT’s intelligent vent design.

A breathable foam minimizes heat content and perspiration inside with its porous design. Infinite small foam openings relieve the heat and pressure inside the mask and comfort the face with a cool breeze in high-intensity lengthy games. A simple design with no unwanted accessories included makes venting more airy than normal.

Replace or add in seconds without needing specific tools to do it. A humble design allows hassle-free replacement with a quick-release unlocking system. A pro-change lens can be supplanted in a timeout by simply clicking on the sides. The silicone strips include multi-stop locking for player’s safety and speed improvement.

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Push Unite Paintball Goggles MASK with Quad PANE Lens and CASE

Amplify your paintball gaming standards with top-notch headgear that works eloquently from the inside while delivering apt strength from external impacts. The multi-colored Push Unite quad pane paintball is all you need for competition. The goggles are made airy for lengthy sessions, thanks to the ergonomic interior alongside a sturdy exoskeleton that endures stark impacts with maximum bounce capacity.
The lens structure is awesome for a mid-range mask in paintball gaming. A multi-layer lens design protects players from unwanted sunlight reflections, protects from harmful rays, and clears out fogs and moisture in real-time. Push Unite is a state-of-the-art addition to the successful goggle series with more features, greater protection, and easier customization without overspending on the game.

Security comes first in a high-intensity paintball game. Push Unite goggles emphasize more player security than its competitors with high-quality protective skeleton and robust tools. Allen tool fits precisely with the nose for impact-free comfort and paramount security from direct hits. Also, the earpiece is designed to communicate effectively while delivering utmost security from incoming paintballs.
Push Unite goggles occupy less storage space, therefore offering a little to opponents making a headshot. Also, the goggles are easier to carry around with a high-quality protective case that comes along with the product. The compact case protects the lens and goggles from shatters and unneeded strokes when they are ported.

Everything inside the mask must adjust fully with the facial contours for a perfect fit. To achieve the feat, Push Unite goggles feature a magnetic chin strap that clips with a click to any length for maximum security and an ideal fit for various facial layouts.
There’s an adjustable nose bridge to quick and comfy nose fitting inside the mask. The nose bridge has a comfortable structure with multi-layer foam linings inside and a rubbery coating to the outside for dual protection against everything. The universal fit supports effortless maneuvers without recurrent mask adjustments.

Play worry-free in all outdoor conditions with a quad-layer lens to the front. The lens is scrupulously designed to minimize reflective glares that significantly hinder the player’s capacity to visualize and shoot in action modes. The goggles are made with an optically correct spherical lens that imparts maximum viewing angles without condensing them from the inside.
The lens reduces the inner glare by producing a shadow effect over the top vent. This eliminates sunshine reflection from all angles and creates an adjusted viewing field for players to enjoy. A special anti-fog coating cancels out interior moistures caused by extensive breathing by venting out hot air via multi-faceted openings inside the mask.

For any standard paintball mask, a flawless venting system is the top priority of all the vital functions. Push Unite quad pane mask tops the chart with its 16 ventilation zones to vacate internal breathing in a snap while making the internal temperature stable and its air breathable. Vents keep air cool and the mask breathable at all times.
3D ventilation intelligently freshens the internal air to prevent fogs and suffocation. The ventilation holes are optimally distributed to all the portions for hassle-free breathing and the plain view from the inside. The permeability is further optimized with a plush and porous moisture-wicking face foam inside the mask. The foam sucks moisture and retains the required humidity for a distraction-free gaming session.

Push Unite quad pane goggles come up with an adjustable and highly breathable triple layer foam design. The foam is soft and breathable from the first mounting onwards. The porous foam structure assists in venting out air and keep temperatures to the optimum by absorbing extraneous moisture inside the mask.
Triple-layer foam fits all face shapes with precision. Wear the mask once and it will automatically adjust with the facial contours without creating itching and scratches.

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Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye precision includes a whole new range of cutting-edge features to make your paintball gaming experience better than anything else. I4 goggles comprise a sturdy construction with benchmark design and optically correct lens structure for long-lasting performance. The clarity and precision are perfect in all weather conditions, making it easier to visualize enemy movements in dark and bright modes.
The interior stays plush and ergonomic for hours of gameplay. The quick-change lens system makes lens replacement a child’s play. Replace the lens in seconds during timeouts without a hassle with its click and whirr action. The internal venting works great without fogging out the lens from the inside. Also, the temperature inside the mask is retained with a porous dual-stage foam structure that absorbs heat and sweat within seconds.

Dye Precision i4 goggles are made to last forever. The low-profile design makes it harder for opponents to target the mask with curved angling and spherical design. The smallest profile setting adds to the perks of shooting around in the arena without getting a headshot.
The lightweight design also adds to the agility with its comfortable fit and fixed build. The back strap fits perfectly with any head shape without itching or size issues. Dye i4 assists graciously to your winning streak with its awesome build, scrupulous weight, and compact dimensions.

The compact design comes along with a stupendous player’s security in a competition. The lens is built with a 4D coating that protects from all the harmful rays from the sunlight. A 100% UV protective design features complete defense from harmful UV-a, UV-b, and UV-c rays. There’s also a protective shade to eliminate unwanted glares and direct sunlight blindness. This amplifies player productivity and adds fluency to the performance.
Ear protection improves communication skills with clarity and enhanced breathability. The protective earpieces are lightweight and sturdy to endure maximum impact without damaging the gear. The earpiece design includes cool max materials to remove moisture and increase hearing capabilities with a cutting-edge and trim design. Also, Dye Precision is scratch-free from both sides.
Dye Precision i4 is made a sturdy as an oak build. The design is tested and approved with ASTM and CE standards at twice its capacity for lasting perfection and robustness in extreme conditions.

Out of a few best features included inside Dye i4 is its 4D modeled protective lens. The goggles are optically corrected for glares and reflections with utmost clarity and preciseness in rain and sun alike. The lens creates a perfect angle for viewing long-range subjects without blurs or deflections. The spherical lens setting broadens the scope further and adds more control over the game.
The widest angling makes it easier to find and hit the target without maneuvering unnecessarily in the arena. The hard-coat scratch-resistant coating creates a smooth and slippery surface on the goggle surface to resist blurs, wear and tear after prolonged usage.

Dual Stage foam makes the interior highly breathable and adjustable to the wearer’s facial contours. The venting system allows for maximum productivity with little maintenance. Venting holes are distributed throughout the mask for efficient and speedy ventilation in seconds. Patented venting blades pass air and retain internal temperatures continuously without fogging the lens from inside.
The foams dissipate temperatures and absorb sweat for instant cooling effects inside the mask. Alongside the Scream multi-directional venting system, Dye’s propriety cooling mechanism is the best in the world for enhanced comfort and compatibility.

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